Introducing Tree People Subscription

Our Tree People have been our unofficial mascot since we've launched. No wonder! These quirky little characters are charming and cute. They quickly found a way into the hearts around the world and became our signature product.

It felt like the right time to launch our newest Tree People Subscription in Australia.

The Tree Poeple Subscription

Tree People Subscription

Subscription Perks

Greater Play Possibilities

The more Tree People you've got, the greater your play possibilities. We've decided to introduce a subscription so you can grow your quirky tree family every month.


It also feels like Christmas every month. Kids love the anticipation of what's coming and the excitement of discovering new themed toys each month.


You don't need to think, choose, decide. Sign up once and we'll ensure you get the best possible Tree Family members delivered to your door.

Great Value

You save money by getting a special price for limited edition items and free shipping.

Limited and Unique Products

You'll get the most unique Tree Family members created around a certain theme and handpainted.

How Does It Work

Subscribe to the Tree People on our website. You're all set. Each month's subscription is only $29.95 and includes Free Postage! This subscription is only available in Australia at this stage. 

You'll be charged on the 14th every month and the subscription will be shipped to you on the 3d week of each month.

What's inside

Each month we will be releasing a new Limited Edition set of Tree People with a stunning handpainted theme. These little ones are truly one of a kind treasures and we can't wait to show them to you.

Tree People Subscription

Our first-month theme is Winter. This special winter trio is worth over $40 and cannot be brought separately. 

After each month each design will not be released again and only a limited number of sets are hand-painted each month.

Handcrafted with care

Tree People are all handcrafted with care by us. They are created from hardwood branches. Each Tree Person is hand-carved and finished with a beeswax protective coating. Limited edition Tree People and entirely hand-painted.

The Tree People Subscription

Branches for Tree People are collected from salvaged wood that was destined for the tip or green waste. Steve and I save the branches and then lovingly turn them into the Tree People. We absolutely love how this process is inspired by nature and connects kids with nature.

Each set of Tree People is unique. No two tree people are ever the same! They each vary in their own character, size, shape, and colour. With our new subscription, you'll get the most special and unique Tree People ever been made.

Welcome to our tree family!

The Tree People Subscription