Meet the TEAM behind
Let Them Play Toys

LLet Them Play Toys wouldn't be where it is today without a amazing team behind it. So we thought, its time we properly introduce you to the team and who it is that is behind all the products, orders and emails. Also, so Julie stops hogging all the credit!


The lady, hands and mind behind Let Them Play Toys. 
In early 2019, whilst pregnant with their 4th child, Julie had an idea to create natural wooden toys using the branches from around the house for children. What started as a side hustle grew to much more. 
Julie will give anything a go, and loves a challenge. Once she gets an idea in her head... then it's game on until she makes it happen. This may be due to her fun combination of stubbornness, creativity and impulsiveness. 

A big fan of coffee, early morning walks at the beach and all forms of dessert she is also quite proud of owning more tools then the average fellow!


The man behind the chainsaw but most importantly... behind all of Julies crazy ideas.  Steve is the practical and sensible one out of the duo but most of all - he is the problem solver. Always coming up with a calm and smart solution to the most trickiest of situations. 

Steve is a boiler maker by day, and will always be found tinkering and coming up with his latest crazy creation.  


Genna is the all rounder super star and Julie's partner in crime on the tools. When Genna isn't helping behind the tools, you'll find her head of operations in our Production Area dying, oiling and packing.  Known to talk to each of the Tree People as she creates them, Gen is full of life and loads of fun!


Nicole is our customer service extraordinaire and head honcho in our Studio. She is the one who lovingly packs your orders and responds to your emails.  When she is not wrapping your packages and keeping me organised she loves a good bush walk and taking care of her vege patch. Lucky we have her, as our studio plants would be very sad looking if she wasn't here to take care of them. 

Mum / Janice / Nanny.

The ultimate all rounder and ultimate mum. Nanny as she is known saves the day on a daily basis.  She has been there from the start of this wild journey and has picked up the peices on many occaisions like only a mum can do. 

Nanny lends her skilled hands to all areas, including dying of the Tree People and StoryScene pieces, accounts manager ( lucky, otherwise no one would get paid), baby sitter, keeper of everyone and it the only one who can boss the boss around. 
We are very lucky to have a Nanny/Janice/ Mum.


.Pedra is the behind the scenes wonder woman that Julie could not live without.
Let Them Play Toys would be a shambles without Pedra's super powers!  She has some impressive skills and assists Julie in all admin and social media areas, and generally keeps the wheels turning.  Pedra has a knack of preempting tasks, and decoding Julies unique instructions that often only make sense to her. 

Pedra is also works alongside our wonderful stockists.

We would be lost without Pedra and her amazing assistant skills!

+ Watch this space as TWO new team members will be joining us very soon!