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Kaleidoscope Set

Kaleidoscope Set

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Kaleidoscope Set


Experience nature like never before. This set is specially designed to enhance curiosity, creativity and natural play opportunities for your child. 

"When you look into a kaleidoscope, you see something beautiful.  But after you shake it up, destroying what is there, and hold it up to the light again, you will see something new and different, but equally beautiful.  Life is much the same as the kaleidoscope." 

Much is true with Mother Nature, you often need to take a moment and just look to be able to appreciate all of the beauty she offers us. This is why the NATURE KALEIDOSCOPE is so special.  You can take snippets of your world around you, or from a special event, place them inside the Kaleidoscope Window and watch as those elements become moments of art, right in front of your eyes.  

This special set contains:

  • A handcrafted Kaleidoscope, created on the Mid North Coast of NSW - Made lovingly from Western Australia Walnut or Red Gum.
  • A Kaleidoscope Window with Brass fitting - this window can be easily opened then securely fitted again to the Kaleidoscope.
  • A stand so you can proudly keep your Kaleidoscope on display.
  • A bottle of Natures Treasures Mix, which includes Organic Dried Bloom Petals, Bio Glitter and Natural Crystal Chips in an eclectic colour palette.

This is not a toy but a special piece to use alongside your child. We have carefully designed this Kaleidoscope to last, but it is also a special piece to be cherished in your home rather then tossed into a toy box.


The unique wood grains will vary between each piece. We believe that this adds to the character and shows the true beauty of natural wood. 

Each NATURES TREASURES piece is the original design of Julie from Let Them Play Toys.

What is our NATURES TREASURES Range?

At Let Them Play, we see the beauty within Mother Nature, her branches, sticks, flowers, land, rocks etc and we want to bring those into play in a holistic and curated way. We developed our Natures Treasure Range as a curated collection of the raw beauty found in natural resources like Organic Dried Petals, Crystals and BIO-Glitter.

All of our Dried Petals are sourced either locally, or from an Australian Small Business, who follows along with our values of minimal plastic and waste.

Our own range of Bio-Glitter has been created here within Let Them Play from certified Bio-glitter.  Bio-glitter is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments.  We have taken this approach because terms such as 100% plastic free and 100% degradable can be used without qualification and don't necessarily describe the eco-credentials of a product.

Please read the description carefully before purchase.


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