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Created by nature, crafted by hand, made for play.

We connect kids to nature in the funnest way possible. We're all about creating the environments that are safe, fun and filled with ethically sourced toys from natural materials.

Sustainability is in the core our business. This includes all steps we take, from design to production. Every toy we create is made from sustainable materials and has as close to zero footprint on earth as possible.

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The more connected kids are with the nature, the more they want to look after it. If they play with it, they'll love it. If they love it, they'll want to protect and treasure it. Let them play.


“We believe that every child is a creative director in the making.”

We are Julie and Steve, parents to four awesome kids and the creators and hands behind Let Them Play Toys.

We believe that open ended and natural resources are a beautiful way to inspire each child individually. Wooden toys are more than just toys, they nurture imaginative play, connection to nature and can be passed down from generation to generation.

We love to watch the wonder in play and see how little minds learn and grow. We believe that open ended and natural resources are a beautiful way to inspire each child individually. 


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“We both work behind the tools, hand crafting each piece and having fun together along the way.”

Julie has been a childhood educator and a family day care owner for over 8 years. Both Julie and Steve used to regularly make toys and resources for the kids in the day care using the branches in their backyard.

They've seen first hand kid's love for creating small worlds and play experiences with simple objects of nature. Nature is a big inspiration for Julie and Steve and it plays a vital part in the brand philosophy.

Let Them Play Toys was born in 2019 when Julie found herself with some spare time as she was winding up her day care in preparation for the 4th child. What started as a small side business has since grown with love coming in from all over the world for the beautifully unique wooden toys.

Julie is the designer and creative mind behind each design. Steve is the man behind the saw, sourcing the branches and turning them into our products. The simple yet beautiful Log Hammer was their first creation to come off the work bench and this classic is still a favourite.



Let Them Play Toys

Each product we make is unique as the materials have each been hand selected, collected, or cut. Each design is created by our over active creative minds, then it’s our hands that draw, cut, slice, sand, paint and finish each piece.

Each piece will have its own special wood grain, colours and characteristics. It may look slightly different from the picture shown but that's what makes it special to you. We draw inspiration from the raw beauty of nature that is perfectly imperfect, so are our products, and so are we.

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Wooden toys can be passed down through the family with its warmth and character only increasing in time. But when it’s no longer lived, it will eventually become one with the environment and break down in a beautiful life cycle. We don't use any plastic in our packaging whatsoever.



All our products are 100% handmade. We're not a mass producer so there won’t be hundreds on our pieces out there. Our hands and personal touch are involved in each product we make. We want kids to see the beauty in the natural world, and not in the shiny plastic throw away convenience.



The throw away culture in our society scares us. For our children's future, we aim to do what we can to make a change. The less we buy, the less we throw away. Wooden toys and resources nurture imaginative play, connect to nature and can be kept and passed down through the years.


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