Subscription FAQ

Why it's special:

This monthly subscription box is custom designed by Jules and themed for each month. You will receive a set of items each month that will add to your collection of open ended play resources. It includes more than $60 of value plus free postage. Every month one item in the subscription box will be designed specifically for and be unique to that box.

What to expect:

Once a theme is released and the box is designed we will email all subscribers with an update showing them what they will expect to receive the next month. This email update will also come with recommendations for play dough colours to have on hand, suggestions for toy animals to pull out of the cupboard and sensory bases to purchase/make in advance if you would like, e.g. rainbow rice. We may also have book recommendations to pair with the play to extend the experience. These recommendations will all be based around the theme of the month, which as you can predict will align to prominent calendar events including Christmas, Naidoc week and Autumn to name a few. 

Billing details: 
The subscription box is sent on the 1st of every month (or business day closest to 1st).
Payment is withdrawn from your account on the 22nd of every month.
Orders made before 22th of the month will receive the box next month (eg; order 15th October, receive 1st box in November)
Orders made on or after 23st of month will receive the following months subscription box (eg; order 24th October receive 1st box in December).
Your subscription can be self managed, skip a month or cancel at any time.
NO discounts codes can be used in this order. 
If you have any questions at all send us an email or message.