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SECONDS Wooden Celebration Circles

SECONDS Wooden Celebration Circles

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SECONDS - These Celebration Circles have a uneven cut from the laser machine, or they are an odd size and will not fit within the Large Circle. Visually, they look great!

**ODD size, has 8 pieces, 16 holes and is around 300mm in diameter.

Celebration Circles

 Crafted from beautiful 12mm Australian Walnut Plywood, this Celebration Circles will be the feature to many of your families special celebrations and traditions.

It features 24 holes, and can be set up as a single 12 hole small circle, a large 12 hole circle, wave/spiral or as a 24 hole double circle.

The LARGE Circle measures 340mm approx. in diameter. with 12 holes

The SMALL Circle measures 240mm approx. diameter. with 12 holes

The Celebration Circle comes beautifully boxed so it can be stored away and brough out year after year.

This pairs beautifully with our variety of different celebration pieces including our 24 Christmas Characters, which makes the Celebration Spiral into a Advent Calendar or Christmas Count down. 

It is important to note, the holes on our celebration circles are 11mm and smaller than the holes on Grimms celebration ring which are 13mm. So if you have Grimms characters they won’t fit into our celebration circle. Although our characters will fit into the Grimms celebration ring, they will just need a little support around the edge.

 Please read the description carefully before purchase. 




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