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StoryScene - Easter Nest

StoryScene - Easter Nest

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StoryScene - Easter Nest

Welcome the Easter Bunny to your home and enhance the spirit of Easter with this beautiful Easter Nest - a wonderful addition to your existing StoryScene Collection!

The Easter Garden measures approx 7cm tall and 24cm wide and is made from 9mm thick FSC certified Australian Pine Ply. It is hand-dyed with eco, non-toxic ink and designed to fit into either the LARGE, MEDIUM or SMALL stand (sold separately).

Individual pieces are unique and the wood grain and colour vary slightly. We believe that this adds to the character and shows the true beauty of natural wood.

Each STORYSCENE piece is the original design of Julie from Let Them Play Toys.

These are not a toy and are designed to be used to enhance play. Parental supervision is always required. Please check your items before each use and discard if they show any sign of damage.

Please read the description carefully before purchase.

Materials & Care

Beautiful and organic in their shape and colour, each piece is created and designed by Jules our owner. Then crafted in house by our wonderful team.

Each piece is dyed by hand using Water Safe eco wooden dyes.

You can wash our dyed products with a wet soft cloth and mild soap.

Crafted upon FSC certified E0 rated 9mm Hoop pine plywood that is sourced from Australia.


Safety Information

Product Safety

Safety Standards

All our products are designed and made with children’s safety in mind and made to meet AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS AS/NZS 8124.

Please read all product descriptions and care instructions carefully to ensure you are purchasing and using each item for its intended purpose so as to not damage the product or more importantly, put your child’s safety at risk. We have done our best to make these terms clear in each description and cannot be held responsible should an item be misused or the information provided be ignored.

Recommended Age

All products are intended and designed for children above the age of 36 months Some products may pose a choking hazard and it is not recommended that children who still put objects in their mouth have access to our toys unless fully supervised.  

Parental supervision is required at all times. Please check your items before use and discard if they show any signs of damage. 


All products that are coloured have been done so using non toxic food grade dyes, and some products are finished with a natural beeswax and coconut oil, or natural Tung Oil. 

We have had independent safety and non toxic testing completed for our products to ensure that your little ones will be safe whilst having fun.

Care and Cleaning

Keep it natural

You want to use a gentle cleanser on wooden toys. Anything from a simple vinegar and water solution (1 part vinegar to 10 parts water), a mild, environmentally friendly dish soap, and some warm water, or your favorite non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner, diluted with water, will work well. You don’t want to use bleach or harsh chemicals as it can dry-out the wood.

Be careful when cleaning any dyed toys as some excess dye may come off onto the cloth. It will not affect the toy but toys that are dyed are not designed to be submerged in water.

No soaking

You never want to soak wooden toys, as wood is very porous. The shape of the toy can change and warp with too much moisture and if the toy doesn’t dry completely, more germs and bacterial will want to hang out. If the wood swells, it can cause the wood to crack or damage any dye or finish on the surface of the toy. Using a wet washcloth to clean will keep the wood from getting too drenched.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Cleaning wood toys can happen in three easy steps. Spray the toys with a gently cleaner of choice, gently wipe down with a sponge or washcloth and a bit of warm water, then allow the toys to air dry. Putting them in the sun will help kill even more germs and speed up the drying process.

Treating stains

Vinegar does the trick again! Create a more concentrated mixture of vinegar and water. You can use a 1:1 ratio for stains. Spray the stain and scrub it with a sponge. Putting it in the sun to dry will also help “bleach” out the stain. If it’s a really tough stain, you can use a little sand-paper to buff it out. This is not recommended for dyed timber products. You will need to re-coat your wooden products with a natural oil protective rub after cleaning with vinegar.

Replenish the moisture

Every once and a while you will want to moisturise wooden toys, just as you would your cutting boards, butcher blocks, or wooden utensils. We use a beeswax balm made from natural beeswax and coconut oil and its a great non-toxic option. You only need a washcloth or rag for easy application.

Happiness Guarantee

At Let Them Play Toys, we understand that buying products online can be a bit of a gamble. You never really know if the item is going to be everything you dreamed of until it arrives at your doorstep. That's why we're proud to offer our "better in real life" happiness promise.

We believe that our natural wooden toys are going to exceed your expectations, but we want you to experience it for yourself. We want you to hold it in your hands, feel the weight of it, run your fingers over the intricate details and most importantly witness the magical play that they inspire in your child's worlds.

We believe that when you actually experience our products, you'll understand why we're so confident in them. We know that it's going to bring magic to your life, whether it's through the way it sparks your creativity or the way it brings joy to your child's face.

However, if you receive our product and you're not completely satisfied, we understand. That's why we'll refund your money, no questions asked. We believe in our product, but we also believe in our customers. Your happiness is important to us, and we want to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

So go ahead and place your order. We can't wait for you to experience our product for yourself. We're confident that you'll love it, but if for some reason you don't, we've got your back.


Jules x

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