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Tree Bunny *Limited Edition*

Tree Bunny *Limited Edition*

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Tree Bunny

We are so excited to introduce our extra special Tree Bunny!!  Every tree bunny is handcrafted, hand painted  and has leather ears - they are all  unique (and there is also a baby tree bunny if you would like a whole family!)

Measuring between 13-17cm 

Our unique and quirky Tree Bunny has its own style and character. Just like nature intended. Add them to any small world play or Storyscene Set to create that special Easter theme.

Branches are collected from salvaged wood that was destined for the tip or green waste. Steve and I save the branches and then lovingly turn them into the products you see within out store. Our mission is to connect little learners with nature and a sustainable future by creating toys and resources that are made and inspired by nature.

Each Tree Bunny will be unique to you. No two tree bunnies are ever the same, as they each vary in their own character, size, shape and colour.


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