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Tree People Dress-up - Pumpkin Halloween HAT

Tree People Dress-up - Pumpkin Halloween HAT

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Introducing The Tree People 'Wonder Mates'!

The Dress-up hat range are The Tree People's very own interchangeable costumes!  One a quick change of their hat one moment your sweet natural Tree Person might be a Firefighter, and the next they're Unicorn. 

The Tree People Dress-up hats are sold individually, and can fit the Tree People you already have in your collection or they can come with a perfectly sized Tree Person to match.

If you want to dress up your existing Tree People, all of our Dress-up Hat's will suit Tree People heads measuring 20 - 30mm in diameter, or in between a 10c and 20c coin.

I created the 'Wonder Mates' because a child's mind is filled with imagination and creativity, so why not add some adorable Wooden Tree People to their small world play that can harness their wonderful minds - and offer unlimited wonder through different characters and costumes. 

The Tree People were created to help children connect with nature through fun and play. Each Tree Person is one of a kind, and perfectly imperfect, just like each of us!

The Tree People offer:

  • offer outstanding educational and developmental value.
  • guaranteed to be a hit among little kids and you can expect that your little one and their Tree People will be inseparable. 
  • Beautifully tactile
  • allow children to build their own imaginary world
  • develop social skills, kindness and respect of others.

The leather used for our Wonder Mates is sourced from Australian Tanners, and is vegetable tanned.


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